Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hello Daniel Todd of

Here's the thing, Daniel gets credit for actually mixing things up. After all, he used to send the same email over and over again. You can see that email here. I must have received fifteen of that one. Then he started sending out this one. In fairness, I only received a few of that one. Today I got the one below. All of the emails are addressed to the mysterious Robert Oerez. I am sure this is just an honest mistake by Mr. Todd.

You are still my favorite spammer Daniel. Looking forward to your next unsolicited email.

From: Daniel Todd
Subject: You Do Not Pay Until You Like What You See
Date: July 1, 2010 5:08:30 AM PDT
To: my email

Robert Oerez,

The trust factor is key to any relationship. To earn your trust I will build or redesign your website and you pay when we are done. Can we discuss?

My number is (801) 770-7089 or I can email you the information.

Daniel Todd
Law Firm Sites

(801) 770-7089

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  1. I am a software developer. A client of mine has a web site designed by this company. I contacted them in order to obtain documentation from them for the site. The owner refused to provide ANY documentation or information and was more than just rude regarding the matter. I have been in this business for 40 years. EVERY piece of work I do has documentation. And if anyone ever contacts me I gladly give them the info they need.

    In my opinion I would avoid this company like the plague. Anyone who does not provide information or customer service for a product they delivered does not deserve your business.