Monday, April 12, 2010

Daniel Todd Website Spam

Why do you keep emailing us Daniel. Nobody believes that you are accidentally emailing Robert Oerez (since that person does not exist). It is even worse that you sent your last email to me fifteen times. You need to stop spamming lawyers with this garbage.

Dear Robert Oerez,

I get this question all the time... „So what‚s the most important aspect of Google ranking?‰ Luckily, the answer is quite easy. In the world of SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), there is only one king: The All-Powerful Link.

Link building is the process of getting other websites to put a link on their site that points to your site. Thus, link building adds more links that will connect back to your site.

Link building utilizes what we call „off-site optimization.‰ Off-site optimization consists of factors, such as link building, that increase your search rankings independent of changes you make to your website.

Want the 8 steps to mastering Google's link building algorithm? I will send it to you free of charge by simply replying to this email. Want to talk specifics? Call me today at: (800) 932-6030, and I will evaluate your site at no charge!


Daniel Todd
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(800) 932-6030

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If you feel you have received this message in error or no longer wish to receive emails please go to to have your email deleted from our database.

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