Friday, July 10, 2020

In a champagne Super Novalis in the sky

I am selling my Varian Novalis TX to a buyer residing in your area. I will need your skilled legal counsel to help me draft the sales agreement for the transaction from contract preparation through closing.Theabove mentioned Novalis TX has a sales price of ($520,280). This includes the insurance cost, shipping and handling cost.Attached are required details of the Novalix Tx for your review.please advise on your rate, retainer fee and forward to me your retainer agreement for my review and signing.

See buyer details below:

[Local Company Her]

Let me know your thoughts.

Kind regards.

DON Jim Harrison,
Jefferson Hospital
1067 Peachtree Street, Louisville, GA 30434
+1 402-265-5810

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Bring the Pong Dance

Apichai Pongkijmongkol 


Phone: 7693750284

Dear Counsel,
We have a breach of contract agreement for litigation in your jurisdiction and would like to retain your firm for litigation matter, Please what is your hourly fee and standard retainer fee? Kindly advise to enable us forward you the adverse party information for your conflict check.

Please if you are not accepting new case at the moment we will appreciate it if you can refer us or forward our message to a business attorney that can handle this transaction for us.
We look forward to your prompt response.

Yours Sincerely,

Apichai PongkijmongkolPresident & CEO
Unipro Manufacturing Co., Ltd.300/2-3 Nvamin Rd. Nvamin, 
Buengkum, Bangkok 10240 
ThailandTel : 02-379-1769
Fax : 02-733-4276-81

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Sad Mong's Say So Much

David Tak Mong

3:05 AM (5 hours ago)

Thanks for your mail,and below is the Debtor information,run conflict check and advice us your standard retainer fee.

The Debtor company information:

[Local Company]

Please forward us your Retainer Agreement Letter once you clear with conflict check.  We are looking forward to working with you on this matter, have a nice day.

Best Regards,
David Tak Mong(President)
Shun Hing Electronic Trading Co Ltd
Address: 60/65 Moo19 Navanakorn 2 Phaholyothin Rd.,
Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120 Thailand

Monday, April 27, 2020

At the Cobra, Cobra Cabana

Andrew Wei

This is an official request for your services on behalf of my company “LimeCode Technologies Group” towards the enforcement of our intellectual property rights. We have a license agreement with “Cobra Systems Inc”, to translate, develop and distribute our Bar Code Reading software system (LCPPRO-LE64) in the United States. The Bar Code Reading devices are embedded or preloaded with our proprietary software coded in Chinese language but equipped with a Chinese to English language translator from our factory plants here in Hong Kong before being shipped to “Cobra Systems Inc”. [Local address here].

However, as a result of increased market demand for our wholesale packaging supplies and wholesale shipping supplies in the US and to make our products compete more favorably with other products, there was the need to have the embedded software written in English language. It was considered that these will remove several inefficiencies as result of translation from Chinese to English language. As a result of the foregoing, we entered into a copyright license agreement with  [Local address here] United States, for the translation of our software programs from Chinese to English language for our wholesale packaging supplies and wholesale shipping supplies. As result of the foregoing, we entered into a copyright license agreement with “Cobra Systems Inc” in January 2018.

However, in July 2019 during a schedule inspection tour by our auditor from Hong Kong to our client’s manufacturing facility in the US it was uncovered that “Cobra Systems Inc”, was equally manufacturing the Spanish versions of our product without license. In addition, our client was equally distributing the unauthorized Spanish language versions of our products within and to outside the US which was a complete violation of our agreed terms.

Following the initial discovery by our audit consultant, another detailed investigation was carried out by an independent auditor and it was uncovered and confirmed by the independent auditors that 250,000 copies of the Spanish language version of the software programs have been produced and 200,000 shipped and sold already in US and South America. Clearly our license agreement has been breached, after which we had a lengthy negotiation back and forth through our lawyers, and consequently it was mutually resolved and agreed that sixty-five percent (65%) earned profits on the unauthorized production which is of One Million Eight Hundred and Eighty-Five Thousand Dollars Only ($1,885,000.00) should be payable to us and payment deadline of 30th of December, 2019 was agreed. However with this current economic climate, we can't afford to have $1,885,000.00 pending indefinitely with this customer. Previously, the settlement agreement deadline date was extended from December 2019 to 28th of February, 2020 as requested by “Cobra Systems Inc” and it is quite unfortunate the extended deadline was not honored.

Despite the foregoing, I will like to draw your attention to the relationship with Cobra Systems Inc, which has been cordial and we have had a successful business relationship over the past few years, and it is our position to maintain the relationship after settling the issues on hand. Right now, I will like to take appropriate steps and measures to enforce our copyright license agreement and/ or claim infringements and damages as appropriate. Our expectation of your services for now will be within the scenario of a Demand letter to them (Cobra Systems Inc USA). This approach will trigger the much needed response from them towards amicable settlement of the matter.

As I said in my previous message, we are prepared to pay your retainer fees and I have attached the License and The Settlement Agreement between us and Cobra Systems Inc USA. We look forward to your prompt response and after reviewing the documents let me know how you want us to proceed and let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information.

Attached are License and Settlement Agreement between both parties.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Stuart Little

I am so glad to hear back from you. i want to use this medium give you more details of what conspired between my colleague Mr. Peter Stuart and myself. Mr Peter Stuart has been my business colleague for couple of years in supplying of petroleum product to our exit buyers, and after every successful supply we have our commission of the products supplied.

Last year November, Mr Stuart told me to lend him the sum of $1,200,000.00 to complete a transaction for the supply of 500,000 barrels of Aviation Kerosene Jet Fuel A1 to his exit buyer which i did. We both agreed that immediately after the supply of the product to his exit buyer at port Houston he will payback the total sum including interest rate of any unpaid amount.

We both signed a promissory note and i gave him the requested amount. He successfully carried out the supply of the product to his exit buyer and in December 6 December i received a cheque for the amount of $800,000.00 balancing $400,000.00. Ever since he is finding it difficult in paying the outstanding amount and i have communicated with him several times and he keep giving me unreasonable excuses.

Meanwhile according to the agreement he was expected to payback the principal amount on the 5 December 2019 immediately after the supply. Now is more than the time that we both agreed in paying back the balance and i have tried all possible ways to get it, but not working.

The reason i contacted your office is because i believe the intervention of an attorney will serve as a catalyst for him to pay the outstanding funds. Attach to this email is copy of the promissory note we both signed and also copy of the SGS report in purchasing the product and Bill of Lading for your attention.

Find below contact details of colleague Mr Peter Stuart.

Name: Peter Stuart
Address: 334 S Westlake Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90057, USA

Kindly inform me of your legal charges and also the steps to follow if your firm can assist me on this. I await your prompt response. Meanwhile i will give you a call when i am available to speak later today.

Allen Wilson
Tel: 603-783-2104

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

We Are Fighting Two Pandemics: COVID 19 and Stupidity

My sincere apology for the tardy response, I sent you an email regarding a breach of contract case sometime ago. Unfortunately, my wife and son were tested positive of the Covid-19 Virus. The goodnews is they've recovered and doing great.

   We appreciate you giving us a chance to discuss our case. We placed an order for some goods from Winsupply Company back in July, 2019 and the terms of the sales contract requires we to pay 50% of the total cost of the ordered goods before delivery and the balance after we have received the same goods. However, after we made the 50% initial deposit, we did not receive any goods as required. The goods ought to be delivered in August, 2019. More time was given to them to deliver the goods which they were still unable to meet with. Hence, we requested for a refund.

We have made several efforts to have them refund the initial deposit, but to no avail. We have therefore decided to resort to legal means since there is an existing agreement prior to the transaction. Find below details of the supplier for your conflict check.

[A place in your State]

We have suffered so much loss as a result of this failed transaction and we are ready to proceed with litigation if the need should arise. Let us know the best way to have this issue tackled and we will comply as long as we get results. Furthermore , we have concerns and would like you to respond in detail in your reply. Are they any foibles you see in this case? If litigation is involved, the distance gives us some concern with regards to court appearances.How can this be handled? How much is your legal fee? Do you charge on hourly basis or contingency? What should we expect from you? Any guarantees? Please advise on your assessment of this case. A quick response will be appreciated.

Rahmad Hidayat
Director of Human Capital
No. 5 P.O Box 14. Cilegon Banten 42435 Indonesia

Monday, April 13, 2020

Ride of the Valkyries Construction

Hi ,

My Name is Anthony Gaglio, i represent Vikings Construction, Inc. I have negotiated and agreed to sell the 2016 Cat Vibro Roller to a buyer residing in your state. I need your help to draft the sales and purchase agreement.Attached in this email are details of the machine for your review. I went through your website and its satisfactory to me. Also I'm confident with your firm to help me see this transaction through closing.

This transaction is a cash transaction and "as is", with no financing and sale closes once full payment is made. This is a no tittle Machine.

Buyer wants the agreement to be governed by the laws of their state.Buyer will take responsibility of shipping cost and risk damage. Timing-Sale will be finalized once both parties have signed the purchase agreement and full payment made. What is your rate and cost of representation? Kindly email your fee agreement for my review and signing.

See buyer information below

 Placed in your state

Thanks for your consideration

Anthony Gaglio sr
Viking Construction, Inc
1387 Seaview Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06607, United States
+1 206-303-0260