Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Foregate Chambers Email Scam

And Foregate's response is here:

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Butterfly Driving a Truck

I am selling my 2015 CATERPILLAR D10T2  to a buyer residing in your state. I will need your skilled legal counsel to help me draft the sale agreement for the transaction from contract preparation through closing. 
The above mentioned 2015 CATERPILLAR D10T2 has a sales price of $876,000  This includes the insurance cost, shipping and handling cost. Attached are required details of the CATERPILLAR for your review.please advise on your rate, retainer fee and forward to me your retainer agreement for perusal of your terms of representation.

Timing -Sale will be finalized once both parties have signed the sales agreement and full payment made.

·         Shipping - Buyer will take responsibility of shipping cost and also risk of damage.

·         Method of payment, and whether a deposit will be paid. This is a cash transaction. No Financing.

·          No warranties. Equipment is sold AS IS', but a satisfactory inspection will be done and an appraisal issued by the inspection company.

·         Buyer will handle all taxation

This transaction is a cash transaction, with no financing and sale closes once full payment is made.

Buyer wants the agreement to be governed by the laws of their state. Buyer will take responsibility of shipping cost and risk of damage.

What will be the cost of representation and have you handled matters like this in the past?  Details of the buyer are:

[Local Info is Placed Here]

You can email your engagement letter for me to go through your terms of representation before moving ahead if this is a matter you able to handle.
Thanks for your attention. I look forward to your reply

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Back and Forth

Dear Your Law Firm Name Here

Thank you for your swift response. I tried calling a couple of times and with the time difference it is a little bit difficult to get to you. My ex husband Simeon Nagasaki lives in your jurisdiction while I am presently living in South Korea. We agreed under this Settlement Agreement attached to this mail for a one time cash settlement of $950,500.00 usd to his credit, he has paid me$251,500.00 usd but still owing $699,000.00 usd. He is aware of my intention to seek legal actions. I will be pleased to provide further information on this matter on request.

I have already advised him I am planning on retaining your firm. Send me a copy of your retainer agreement so I can go through the terms and conditions of your firm, Also let me know how much it will cost me for your services and the mode of remittance. Thank you and awaits your soonest response.


Lauren Nagasaki

Address: Sangsu-dong 394-10 Hoseong
Building 3G9 Mapo-Gu, Seoul South Korea
0082-31-656 7883

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hunan TPP Hoist Machinery 
Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
No. 13 Building,
International Enterprise Center,
188 Huanbao Road, Yuhua District,
Changsha, Hunan, China 410000
Tel/Fax: +86707502122

I am  Yang Min the Recruitment Manager of Hunan TPP Hoist 
Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. TPP Hoist Machinery 
Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in February 1996. We 
engaged in all kinds of hoist, such as micro electric hoist, 
electric chain hoist, hand chain hoist, lever hoist, trolley, 
lifting belt, lifting chain, pulley, shackle, magnetic lifter 
jack, hydraulic jack, screw jack, farm jack, car jack, manual 
winch, electric winch, manual forklift, hydraulic pallet stacker 
and accessories. Our products are widely applied in household, 
outdoor traveling, aerospace, military, manufacturing industry 
and construction industry. 

TPP Hoist Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd differs from other 
traditional manufacturers and trading company. On one hand, 
we have professional R&D team which can research cost-effective 
and hot-selling products, catering to various customer demands 
in different market. On the other hand, with hundreds of tested 
products, CE certificates, advanced design, strong package and 
high efficiency logistics system, we can satisfy our clients 
around the world. 

As the development of globalization and internationalization strategy, 
TPP Hoist Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd will cooperate with customers 
all over the world to achieve success and mutual benefits.Awarded ISO9000 
certificate in 2000, Hunan carries on complete quality control procedure 
from the raw material incoming to finished product delivery. With strong 
quality control, rapid business feedback system and professional workers, 
we are able to meet all customers' requirements as well as offer OEM 
services.Our products are sold around the world, such as Southeast Asia, 
the Middle East,Africa, Europe,America, Canada and Australia.

Due to the increase in demand of our products in Europe, Canada and
USA (North America), we decided to move our products fully into these
continent. We seek for a financial  representative/account receivable
agent  in your region to represent the company in financial
transaction. Part of your duty will be to manage finances such as
receiving overdue payments from our client in your region. For problems
encountered in the past with receiving payment from our client in
North America/Europe as it takes a month for Canada/America/Europe
check to clear in China with huge federal Taxes, we seek to employ an
agent in these region to assist Zhejiang Huayan Electric Co., Ltd. to 
communicate and also retrieval of overdue payments from our customers/
clients who are located in the above region.

We are been owed huge amounts of funds by our various customers in
Europe, America and Canada and some of these companies in question
have agreed to begin install mental payment. Presently,be informed
that we have approximately $4,165,090.00 worth of payment with
different clients from different regions in the United State of
America,Canada and Europe currently owed to Hunan TPP Hoist 
Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. If you are willing to take 
up this position, you will be paid on a commission basis of 5% 
on any fund received on behalf of our company and also you will 
be placed on a monthly payment of $3,000.00 if you are willing 
and ready to assist our company without any illegal act.
This position needs no prior experience and also you can do it along side
with your job or business since it is a part-time job. If you wish to work
for us please send us an email to let me know so we can continue.

Yang Min
Recruitment Manager

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Attorney Email Scam from China


I got your contact in bar directory. We are a 
licensed oil field construction company based in Asia and we need an 
attorney to assist us in drafting a purchase and sales agreement with a 
buyer in your area. 

Are you able to take this matter? 

Look forward to your feedback. 


Jason Chen 

General Manager 

J-Marine International Co., Ltd 


Office Add: Rm 1105-1106,18th Building, No.689 Changxing Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, China. 

ZIP CODE: 315033 

Warehouse Add: No.7 Xinheng Third Road, Cicheng Industry Zone, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, China. 


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Very Nice Personal Touch

Good Evening, My name is Alexander Patrick Paul, I am an attorney in California and Madrid Spain California State Bar Number #208913. I have an Asia client that I have represented in the U.S for couple of years but I am finding it difficult to proceed further ever since I relocate to Europe and my client need legal assistance in drafting Purchase Agreement in the U.S. Please if you are interested for further details kindly contact my client directly with their contact details below; Mr. Tom Yungmo Chung Ray Electronics Industries Ltd. 15/F., Ray Centre,88 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Tel; 852-23419684 Fax; 852-23411378 Yours sincerely, Alexander Patrick Paul Esq. _________________ Law Offices of Alexander Patrick Paul. California State Bar Number #208913 Business Law Direct email; Tel;+34-602-662-507 Calle de Ancora, 30, 28045 Madrid España / Mittelweg 9 3110 Münsingen GERMANY

Friday, August 11, 2017

I thank you for your response.

I believe it is best to provide you with a summary of how the loan came about for your total understanding:

In September 2013 Andrew came to me seeking financial assistance. He said he needed some money to inject into his real estate business venture. Giving the constant insistence of my late wife (Andrew's Sister) to assist him, i had to oblige him with the loan.

The following year, to be precise December 29th 2014 Andrew made a payment of $76,000. In November 2015 Marie was involved in an accident and did not make it. After the death of Marie I noticed that Andrew became very distant. It also become very difficult to get him to keep up with his repayment promises. After much back and forth, he made another payment of $29,000 in July 2016. Soon after i suffered from a stroke which kept me in hospital for a long time and i was out of communication but as soon as i was a little better i contacted Andrew again and asked for my money. He has since been promising to get the balance to me but hasn't. I believe because he knows of my condition that is why he's taking advantage of me.

Please find attached the agreement we had which should explain the terms of the loan. I reside in Hong Kong while the debtor Andrew Richard reside in U.S

I lent him $560,000 and he has only paid back $105,000 making the balance $455,000. Please i want to know how much its going to cost me to retain your services to help pursue the balance funds plus interest and how long the process will take.

I really need the assistance of your firm now as i have lost a lot in the past two years because of my failing health and owe the bank so much money.

Hope to hear from you soon

Timothy Leary