Tuesday, March 25, 2014


We are currently facing severe pressure from our Supplier in Asia to pay up the balance funds that we owe to them.This debt is as a result of an outstanding payment of $157,500.00 for goods delivered to our customer, (local company here).
Due date for payment as stated in our Supplier's invoice was January 27th, 2014. The goods were delivered in perfect conditions,at a location in Canada where they are currently working on a new business(as stated in the acknowledgment letter we received from them).They keep asking for more time because of their current business situation in Canada. We did extended the payment deadline before now, but they failed to come up with the payment.
This time around,we will like to draw your attention to this relationship with our customer which has been cordial and successful over the past few years,and it is in our position to maintain this relationship after collection of this outstanding sum owed to us.This is the reason i want you to start with a polite approach by issuing a simple demand letter to them and informing them that they have  two weeks deadline to come up with a payment plan.If after the deadline we do not get a swift response from them,then we will have no option but to file a lawsuit(Litigation).
Please do carry out a conflict check on our customer and also let me know about your fee structure & rates both for the demand letter and litigation phases.I look forward to a timely response from you.


Pedro Ricardo Calleja,
Managing Director,
Sm Tools S.A De C.V.
Ignacio Zaragoza No 1209,
Aguascalientes, AGS 20030,