Monday, October 28, 2013

Gustaf's Counsel

Viktor Gustaf

We would like to thank you for your response to our inquiry for legal services, i am sorry for the late response. However, we wish to inform you that we would be needing your firms legal help to assist us with a breach of contract matter and also retrieve funds
owed to our company.

We ordered goods from (Local Company Name Here), and was asked to make a 50% down payment for goods to be delivered to us and that we did and up till date no goods were delivered. We asked for a refund but they have refused to make the refund to us.
We seek legal help from your firm to help us collect these funds owed to our company as we do not wish to go any further with the said transaction. We have made several attempts in the past to collect these funds which all ended negatively.

We are aware that a conflict search would need to be done. Please find below details of the owing company.

Here is the name of our supplier for your conflict check.
Local Company Name Here

If you have any questions please contact me personally anytime.

Viktor Gustaf
Sales Manager
Aptilo Networks AB
Arenav├Ągen 47,
S-121 77 Stockholm,

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  1. Hello. I am an Oregon lawyer recently targeted by a scam similar to this one.

    1st email received 6/2/2014 with subject line "case":

    This is a request for your legal consultation services, I would like your advice regarding possible representation on a litigation case concerning breach of contract.


    George Sullivan

    2nd email received 6/3/2014 after my request for more information:

    Thanks for your response, I want to indulge your firm to represent us with regards to a contract case,but before we move further i would like to know if you're conflicted in representing us against the company below, I will furnish you with the necessary details regarding the case afterward. I got your contact information from Oregon Trial Lawyers Association

    Steel Yard
    6880 NE Columbia Blvd,
    Portland, OR 97218

    I await your prompt response.

    George Sullivan
    Nicholls Steel Company Limited
    Canal Sidings Albion Road
    West Bromwich B70 8AX
    T: +44 793 701 4296
    F: +44 809 174 0930