Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nordic Lawyer

Ulf Niclasson
Re: Legal Rep

Dear [Name Here],

Thank you very much for your responds we got your contact information from attorney directory and we went through your profile it was very impressive, we are located in south-central east coast of Sweden.  Below is the debtor information who has not settle their debt,

Debtor Information

[Local Company Here]

The size of the debt is $650,000.00 , we have explored all avenues to resolve this issue amicably, unfortunately we have not progressed as expected, we shall forward you the documentation if you have no conflict.

Please forward us engagement letter if you have no conflict and advise us on your retainer fees,  looking forward hearing from you, have a great day.

Best Regard,
Ulf Niclasson
Alps Nordic AB
Hemvärnsg. 11
SE-171 04 SOLNA
Stockholms län Schweden

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