Thursday, May 2, 2013

Comment of the Year

Posted yesterday is the best comment/response I have seen to date:

I almost deleted it and erased from my memory, but after reading this post, I decided to have a little fun. My reply, not that the recipient cares:
Attached is my retainer agreement. The fee split is 90% to me, after deducting expenses, costs, etc., with the remainder to you. I can’t wait to work with you Ms. Crystal.
Attached a retainer agreement as follows:
This agreement is made by and between the undersigned parties. One party is an attorney, who will provide no real legal services because he is not actually being retained to so do. The other is Ms. Crystal Hokkien, a.k.a. Hirashin T. Maki, a.k.a. Sharon Trump, a.k.a. Hillary Tiachi, a.k.a. scammer.
Pursuant to this agreement, the proposed terms are as follows:
1) Scammer shall send a forged check to the attorney.
2) The attorney shall then cash it, retain his “fee” for performing no actual services, then wire the remaining funds overseas.
3) At some later date, the bank will realize the check is a forgery and claim the entire amount of the forged check against the attorney.
The real terms are as follows:
1) Scammer shall send a forged check to the attorney.
2) Attorney will forward the forged check, along with any emails from scammer, to the FBI.
3) FBI will discard the check and emails in the trash. 
Witnessed this day the 1st day of April, 2013.


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  1. That's hilarious. I just got this email today from Ms. Crystal Hokkien:

    Dear Counsel,

    Am requesting for your legal services for an enforcement of property settlement agreement against my ex-husband. If you are interested in rendering this services, please kindly advice immediately via my email for more details.

    Yours truly,
    Ms.Crystal Hokkien