Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fady Mahmood
RE: Legal Help On Breach of contract

Good Day,

   I am indeed grateful for your reply. This mail contains more information regarding my case.

         I am Fady Mahmood,C.E.O Fady contractors company.

I am seeking legal help  from your firm for a breach of contract. Fady contractors is a body that helps both public and private organizations/companies buy equipments like; medical equipments, electrical equipments, construction equipments etc.

        Last year, we got a contract from a Japanese company wanting us to help them get medical equipments worth $2,000,000 USD and we required that they paid in full. with this, we made an order for the medical Equipments.,  worth $2,000,000.00 USD on  2nd of July, 2012 from a seller in your region who has proven to be a delinquent seller. Half Payment in the amount of $1,000,000.00 USD was also made on the 2nd of July, 2012 and installment of the total cost of purchase was agreed upon to be made immediately after the delivery of our purchases.As i write to you now,we have neither heard from or read from them.E-mails sent to them hasn't yielded any feedback,this action has become disturbing and appears to us as a breach of contract. That is why we want to hire  your service to help us handle this case, We hope that your involvement might force the seller to comply with payment request as earlier agreed.

Also,efforts made for refund has proven to be abortive. This  has caused huge bottlenecks to our business.

Any other required information will be given to you as at when you need them  to enable you do your proper litigation, but underneath is the delinquent seller's Address.

(Local Company Name Placed Here)

Please run a conflict check and send me your retainer agreement for my review.

Fady Mahmood (C.E.O)
Fady contractors company
16-10, Hon-Haneda 2-chome
Ota-ku, Tokyo
Tel: (03)3745-7771

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