Friday, September 14, 2012

Yasu's Attorney

From: Yasu Akahane
Subject: Re: Yasuhiro Akahane

Please see attached document for your review run a conflict check and advice on your retainer fee
our opposing company information is below the breach of contract is for the sum of $1,150,000.00

519 University Pl
Durant, OK 74701

Please send us retainer agreement ( engagement letter)  looking forward hearing from you.


Yasuhiro Akahane
Senior Executive Manager
Rm.1101, Castle Shinjuku
31-4, Yoyogi 4-chome, Shibuya-ku


  1. I received a similar email on 9-19-12. Here “Yashuhiro Akahane” has the title of “Accounts Officer” at Akahane Electronics Industry. Corp. and is asking for help with a debt collection matter as well as breach of contract.

  2. The email “collection” scam, which first surfaced around 2007, marriage certificate authentication

  3. Now he is buying properties in the US. His name is Akino Ado.

  4. Akahane Electronics Industrial Corporation is a legitimate company and a well respected resistor manufacturer in Japan.

    Someone is using their name and the name of one of their officers in this scam. As you can see, the emails that are used do not have a domain related to Akahane Electronics. Their official domain is\

    This scam is not being attempted by Akahane Electronics or Yasuhiro Akahane, but someone pretending to be them.