Friday, May 11, 2012

Fabrication Lawyer (has a nice ring to it)

Subject: Re: Debt Collection Case

Thanks for your response,

  We are a London based engineering company, specialising in all aspects of steel fabrication. And we humbly request to retain your legal service in collecting a debt owed us by a company in your area. Due to the need for expansion and numerous projects executed by my company at that time, payment of $700,000.00 for steel products/equipments was made to the seller in December of 2011 and our calculation shows that delivery is about five Months late. The regular purchase agreement requires seller to effect delivery of goods not later than 60 days upon payment or legal action may be enforced if delivery delay exceeds 120 days.

Litigation will be our last resort. Please find the details of the seller below to allow you run a conflict check. In the absence of any conflict, forward me your retainer agreement for review.

(Local business to be placed here)

Pioneer Industries
7440 West Marginal Way S.
Seattle, WA 98108

Upon receiving your retainer agreement, i will have a telephone conference with you, informing you of more details of the transaction.

I am of a strong opinion, that once i coordinate our correspondence with your firm to the seller, they will have no option but to send payment through your firm's trust account to us. As i learnt is the procedure in the United States of America.


Theo Trescher.

Trescher Fabrication Ltd
RA1 & 2 Bermondsey Trading Estate
Rotherhithe New Road
SE16 3LL

Tel:+44 702 403 5402.


  1. What is the scam? Do they ask you for money after you send your retainer agreement? I received this e-mail, except the debtor was a real fabrication company in Dallas, Texas.

  2. I cannot speak about this company specifically, but let me explain the basic scheme of many of these deceptions.

    Debtor is alleged to owe say 400,000, and attorney is contacted to collect the debt on a contingency basis. After an initial letter and negotiation, the debtor agrees to pay 280,000. A duly executed release is sent and the debtor sends a check for 270,000 deposited in the attorney's trust account, The lawyer waits 4 days, confirms the balance is in the account, and forwards a check for 180,000 (270,000 -90,000 legal fee).

    Unfortunately after two weeks, the initial check bounces while the lawyer's trust check has cleared, and now the lawyer has invaded other client's funds, and must now contact state disciplinary authorities for investigation along with dealing with his large loss.

    The basic key is that the original check did not initially clear, it was just credited on the expectation is would clear. If there is any doubt about a check, the attorney should wait 20 business days to clear checks, which will eliminate most of these deceptions.