Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hooray! A New Market For Phishermen - Employment Lawyer

Starts out innocent:
Dear Attorney,

This is my second enquiring, Please respond
I am seeking legal representation from your law firm regarding a
breach of Settlement agreement with my former employer due to the
injury I sustained while working for them. I need Proper legal advice
and assistance to know the best way to handle this issue. If this is
your area of practice, please contact me to provide you with further
Lian Chen

My response:
I have absolutely no experience in this practice area. It would be a stone's throw away from malpractice for me to take on a case of this complexity. I wish you the best of luck.

- My Name

Seems like that response would put someone off, right?

Dear Sucker

Thanks for your prompt response. First I must thank you for picking up the consideration to represent me; My name is Mr. Lian Chen I am a Chinese American l lived in USA for 26 years, I’m contacting you regarding my injury compensation with the company I was working for in WA USA (GLOBAL EQUIPMENTS LTD.). I worked with this company for Nine years as an equipment operator. On 13th February 2010, l had an accident in the company yard when l was operating the crane equipment that finally leads to my disability as present. I then decided to relocate to my country for proper bone treatment July 7, 2010.

We had an out of insurance settlement that he will pay me the sum of $298,750.00 for my disability by the end of the year (December, 2010) but till this minute I am writing this mail to you, I have not received any money for my compensation as agreed. it is my belief that a Law firm like yours is needed to help me make collection or litigate the matter if he fails to pay as agreed. Attached herewith is the agreement that was duly signed by both of during inception of our transaction and copy of my passport as a proof of identification.

I do understand that a proper Attorney client agreement must be entered into by both parties which will demand a retainer fees, but l will prefer you to work on contigency bases on funds collected from my former company due to my present situation. I expect you to draw up an agreement to this effect if it is acceptable with you.
Your consideration of my request is highly anticipated, and I look forward to your prompt response.

I get emails asking me how I am so sure that these are email scams. It is not that hard when you have seen enough of them. You start to catch the spots where they have cut-and-paste. For example, in the email above, take the following sentence and paste it into google:
"it is my belief that a Law firm like yours is needed to help me make collection or litigate the matter if he fails to pay as agreed."

See? Not that hard. What phisherman lack is even a remote sense of imagination. They have been working this hustle for four years now with only slight variations.


  1. I received the exact same email as you. I asked for more information and then indicated I do not do contingency. He asked me to prepare a fee letter with my hourly rates! That threw me. I was glad to find our posting when I googled his name. Is there anywhere to report these emails?

  2. Here's a new one:

    Dear Lawyer,

    I am looking for a lawyer/Law Firm that can assist me in litigating the issue of an overdue loan of $180,500.00. Please advice if this is your area of practice. Thank you.



    Tel: 1-647-781-4929

  3. Received 4/26/11

    Dear Councel,

    I will like to know if you will be able to help me in an injury settlement with my former employer. the injury occured due to their degligence. They have agreed an out of court settlement. i have since signed the agreement but only recieved the amount of $50,000.00 out of the settlement. I am seeking the help of your law firm to help me file a litigation lawsuit. They have agreed to pay me the money. but have been inconsistant with the date. I believe that with the help of your law firm they will be willing to pay in order to avoid litigation.

    I will like to recieve your retainer agreement so that i can review the terms of your service, sign it and send back to you.

    My name is Michael Park and my email address

  4. I just received the same email as above.

  5. I'd like your office to handle a PSA and bill of sale for an equipment we are about to sell. Our client is located in your area. you will find client details below for conflict check.

    United Rentals, Inc
    727 N Ww White Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78219

    Attached you will find details of the dredger for your digest. If you can handle this please advise on your fee and also send over a fee agreement for review . I will like to discuss this matter further with you over the phone of course that's after i must have reviewed your fee agreement . So please let me know available dates so i can make myself available.


    Elton Lindberg
    Business Manager
    Crant Equipment Ltd
    Box 4580
    34207 Huddinge
    Tel:+46 8 559 24 654
    Fax:+46 8 501 27 158

  6. We have just received the same e mail as the last one above, but instead of Elton Lindberg, it was Carl Olander, we are practising in Montreal, Quebec, Canada