Saturday, January 15, 2011

All is quiet

Things have been slowing down in the phisherman arena. I am sure this is, in part, because I am not listed on some of the sites that I formally did. So, for fun, I am throwing this beauty up. Honestly, if you even considered this one for a second, you should not have made it through law school.

From: Webmail Administrator.
Subject: Verify Your E-mail Account
Date: January 15, 2011 10:30:44 AM PST

Dear Webmail User,

We've been making some vital maintenance on our Webmail system.
During this period you might have login problems in accessing your E-mail account, due to the congestion of Users that's why going through this process on webmail maintenance.
We will deactivate all unused E-Mail Account, to prevent your E-mail Account from deactivation immediately confirm your E-mail account and with the registry information's as follows;

Email Address:
Email Password:
Date of birth:
Alternative Email Link To Your Email account & Password:

Once We receive the registry information's from you during this process of webmail maintenance
your account will remain active and spam mail will be reduced.

Failure to do this might result to a permanent deactivation of your email account from our database within 24 hours due to the webmail maintenance .
Your account Will remain active after you must have successfully reply our message and include the registry information's.

Thanks for your understanding.

Webmail Administrator..(c) 2011

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