Monday, August 9, 2010

Translink communication Asia Attorney

Harmless enough, right? A very pithy little email:

Name...: Mr cheng ming


i need a business litigation lawyer to handle collections matters.

I send a quick note back: What's up Cheng? Mr. Ming starts to smell phishy from there. As always, the new phishermen includes websites and lots of links. Good job reeling me in (even if it was only a little ways) Mr. Cheng.

Dear Counsel,

Thank you for your response. You will find the matter below.

However we have been able to establish that delinquent or past due accounts in your state TX in the U.S, running over $1.350,400.00 and about a year or more over due in some cases. There has been no complaints made about our products, no payment has been made with several previous attempt to make collection in these accounts ending negatively.

Translink communication Asia pte would have been settled if we had a reputable lawyer/ firm representing our organization in collections or possible law suit, hence, we are ready to work with you on collections on delinquent accounts.

Name of Delinquent customer for you to run a conflict check on them
Allied Electronics Inc,
address is 1651 N COLLINS BLVD RICHARDSON, TX 75080.

We are willing to maintain an evergreen retainer ship fee of $15,000 to demonstrate to you that we are ready to work with you on collections on delinquent account.

At this moment it will not be proper for me to provide you with list of Delinquent accounts or the copy of a typical contract/copies of invoices until there is client attorney Standard engagement /relationship.

We want you to provide legal consultation, collections of delinquent accounts, required Representation / brings actions in court against the delinquent customers based on agreed amount per hour or percentage on collection made.

Please accept my sincerest appreciation for your willingness to render your Services, as we look forward to your prompt response to my email.

If you have any questions contact me personally anytime by email.

Best Regards,

Mr Cheng Ming
Vice President
Translink Communications Asia Pte Ltd

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  1. I received a similar email this morning. I'm in Raleigh, NC.