Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This is a cut and paste job. Not very original but we posted it because it is using all new contacts and company names.

From: Chan Yung
Date: June 29, 2010 9:03:46 AM PDT
Cc: recipient list not shown: ;
Reply-To: stu71u@cabanova.com

Huatai Electric Cable & Wire Co Ltd
No. 14-3, Wu Lin Street
Shu Lin City
Taiwan 238
Tel: (886 2) 26835095
Fax: (886 2) 26836179

Attention Counsel;

I have previously sent you an email; please confirm the receipt of this
mail due to the urgency of this matter. If you are not in position to
represent us at the moment kindly advice immediately.
After a careful review, we decided to contact you to represent our company
(Huatai Electric Cable & Wire Co Ltd ) in North America; with its head
office in Hong Kong. We got your contact detail from our online search for

The management of Huatai Electric Cable & Wire Co Ltd . requires your
legal representation for our North American delinquent Customers. We are
of the opinion that a reputable attorney is required to represent us in
North America in order for us to recover monies due to our organization by
overseas customers, and as well follow up with these accounts. In order to
achieve these objectives a good and reputable law firm like yours will be
required to handle this service.

We understand that a proper Attorney Client agreement must be entered into
by both parties. This will be done immediately we receive your letter of

Attorney, you can advise us what is required to draw a proper letter of
engagement that will be review by our board. We are most inclined to
commence talks with you as soon as possible. We shall bring you into a
detailed picture of what your responsibility is, when we receive your

Your consideration of our request is highly anticipated, and we look
forward to your prompt response to this request. Your questions regarding
this Proposal is welcome. Once more thank you for taking time from your
busy Schedule to read this mail.If you wish to receive this proposal via
fax, please advise us.

Yours truly,
Chan Yung


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  1. OMG...I received the same email from the same Chan Yung. It went directly to my junk folder. The website huataiwire.com looked legitimate so I sent a reply email and put the contact info listed on the website. I was suspicious because the original email came from @cabanova.com and not @huataiwire.com. The "Chan Yung" person sent back an email with chanyoung@huataiwire.com. Notice the difference in spelling of Yung vz Young. What I found hilarious was that these people are emailing me when its 2am and 4am in Taiwan. The FBI need to catch these people but the online complaint doesnt seem to go anywhere. This is the third time I've filed a complaint hoping the FBI would step in to try and 'catch' them in the act but no luck. I'm glad I've never gotten caught in this crap. If it's too good to be true it usually is. I live by that motto and it has never failed me. My law license is too precious to throw away like that. I've read online about numerous attorneys falling prey to this scam. Once the attorney trust account is affected its months of legal wranglings to sort it out.