Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Armargin Lawyer

From: Lawrence Armargin
Subject: Registering Our Interest
Date: March 2, 2010 4:38:19 AM PST
To: tiago.decosta@armarginindustrialco.net
Reply-To: sales@armarginindustrialco.net


We require your services of an attorney in your jurisdiction,Who will
Advise us as to the availability of your firm to represent us. We intend
to register our interest against a debtor’s property. We would want you to
help us investigate what asset or assets this debtors has. By so doing we
have put debt on the top be be paid first should this customer becomes

We are having this thought that they may be having problem with their
finances because of their in ability to meet their obligation to us in the
past 15 months. We have written several demand letters to this customer
they have continue to promise every three months. Am not insensitive to
current economic enviroment in which businesses operate these days.

If we can recover 70% of what is being owed us we are willing to count
our loss and move ahead. As requested, advise on your availability and I
will furnish you with all neccesary documents relating to this case.If you
want this by fax and a letter headed letter,do advise.

Your prompt response will be most appreciated.

Warmest regards,

Lawrence Armargin
Armargin Industrial Co.
Building 301,Rua Vergueiro 2740,
Sao Paulo, BR, 04102-001


  1. I received this as a referral from an attorney here in Atlanta, as most of my practice deals with US-Brazilian trade. As a former ADA, my dander is up, but I figured I would nibble at them and see how lame their response is. I'll post back with more information.

  2. I responded generally indicating my interest, but I was suspicious when the email indicated that the debtor owed well over $900k. Although I am listed in Martindale-Hubbell, I do not typically handle debt collection matters. I also wondered why a company would send an email to search for a collection attorney for approximately $1 million debt as opposed to getting a referral from a firm.

  3. I ran a WHOIS; this is
    Armargin Industrial Co.
    John Kepper (genpankinvestments_inc@hotmail.com)
    2456 Jane St.
    Ontario,M6Y 8U7
    Tel. +416.9999999
    which certainly is not brazil

  4. I received a similar email and checked the email header. The e-mail originated in Toronto Canada and is within the domain of Bell Canada.