Sunday, August 23, 2009

My biggest Fan Meng.

Subject: Attorney Requisition
Date: August 23, 2009 6:41:55 PM PDT

Good Day

I wish to retain an attorney that will assist my company in collecting
funds that are owed to the company. My company has been in business for
over 5 years and we have not experienced any failure in business
relationship like the one which we come to you with. We happen to make a
purchase, paid for and accounted for by our company and the seller,
and the goods were supposed to be delivered to our port. It
has been over 5 months and we have not received delivery or notification
of re-adjustment in estimated time of arrival. We urge for our funds to be
reimbursed to us as soon as possible. We feel that the assistance of an
attorney will show and prove that we are very serious about the matter and
hope it will lead to a resolution and funds collected appropriately. We
have all the documents supporting the case and we are ready to present it
if we happen to go before the court of law to settle this matter. Please
advice on your fees and retainer agreement and any other information that
you would be needing to assess the case. Again, I wish to emphasize the
urgency of the case and urge you to take an earnest attitude towards the
case and I hope we maintain a stable business relationship.

Thank you and I await your prompt response.

Fan Meng

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