Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In a world of rehashing old Phishing tactics Ronnie comes through with some original content. Thanks Ronnie.

Fleet Investment Dyad UK,
King Charles Street
London SW1A United Kingdom
Fax: +44-871-253-0283

Fleet Investment Dyad (FID), is a corporation that has the mandate of some
notable Asia manufacturing firms to market/distribute their products with
USA, Canada and environs, due to language barriers. We are also charged
with the responsibilities of harnessing and coordinating the sales
payments from the products as distributed and make sure that the
manufacturers are well paid as at when due.

We also have the right to take legal actions against such customers who
fail to comply or defaults from the agreement entered with FID and the
manufacturers. We have also the right to devise the best/suitable and
favorable means of coordinating these payments as we have been doing in
the past years.

Following the past G20 Summit as held in United Kingdom by the IMF key
officers and the Word leaders which one of the major agendas treated was

We have therefore mapped out new strategies in our official payment and
distribution network within USA and Canadian citizens. If you are
interested to do a part time service with us while you will receive 15% of
your service offer as put in with us you will have to indicate your

The service you are needed to offer as a part time employee is so simple.
By completing the form which will be given to you, you have agreed with
our conditions to work as a part time employee who will be assigned to
some of the Manufacturers Customers.

Your Duty will include: - (i) You will correspond with the Customers as
their contacts will be made available to you. (ii) They will have to be
making their payments to you with your information as we will forward to
them. (iii) You will have to receive such payments and finally send the
payments back to us "FID" in whatever means you may be communicated to do.

Your payment will be by a commission of 15% of whatever payment amount you
received from any of the Customers as assigned to you.

Conditions: - You must not use money received from any of the customers
assigned to you for any other purpose. You will deduct 15% of this amount
as received and then send the balance to us. You will also deduct the cost
of transfer when sending the balance to us from our balance and not from
your 15%.

If you understand these conditions and willing to work with us, get back
to us for the form to be sent to you.

Mr. Ronnie Williams

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