Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hey Pinyan. How are you? I was sent this email from the Law Office of XYZ and they said you need my help. My retainer for this type of work starts at $10,000 or 5 WOOD FRAME RADIO CLOCKS. It might seem like I am yelling "wood frame clocks." But I'm not. I just love them so much. We'll talk soon. Can't wait.

Dear Counsel,

I am sending this email as a mutual introduction.Mr Pinyan Kwak is the Managing Director of ASCENT[HK] IND\'L CO.,LTD. ASCENT [HK] IND\'L CO.,LTD. is specialized in manufacturing various GOLF and ELECTRONIC products. The domestic factory is located in Fuyong Shenzhen China, close to Fuyong ferry port and international airport
ASCENT, golf items include: muti-function score counters, putting sets, auto-return cups, divot tool accessories and golf gift sets. The electronic items mainly include WOOD FRAME RADIO and CLOCK series.

ASCENT [HK] IND\'L CO.,LTD. is owed payment on a shipment that they made to a customer here in the US in July 2007.The company is now seeking advice and possible representative in litigation against the non-paying companys,
I can not handle this matter at this moment because it is not in my jurisdiction, I have represented this company in the past. This matter is in your jurisdiction; contact Mr. Pinyan Kwak if you are interested in representing his company. Below his is contact information as

Pinyan Kwak

Building A, Aoshide Industnal park, Fuyuan 1st Road,

Heping Village, Fuyong Town, Shenzhen, China.Zip code: 518103

Tel: 86-755-82117290

Fax: 085-28691781

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