Friday, June 5, 2009

Custom Chemicals Lawyer

Dear Sir/Madam,

Jinan Haohua Industry Co.,Ltd, Since its establishment in 2000, Jinan Haohua Ltd has been dedicated to the manufacture and export of APIs,pharmaceutical intermediates, special and custom chemicals. Currently serving markets in the Asia, USA/Canada and Europe .

With the growth in demand for our products in North America , Our market there has grown significantly and a 30% growth is projected for the coming year.

Due to some accounts in North America not fulfilling their contractual obligations with regards to the current economic down-turn seriously affecting businesses in the United States, We are currently looking to appoint a legal representation in the United States to ensure that our delinquent or past due accounts are settled and represent our company in the collection or possible law suit.

We are incapacitated by distance logistics to directly commence litigations directly in such cases but our company cannot continue to absorb the continued losses from unpaid accounts. Below are the services we hope your organization can help us with:

1.Provide consultation and legal advice on delinquent payments.

2.Receive the said fund of past due accounts and keep in a trust account on our behalf until requested by our

3.80% of payments from North America are used for the purchase of raw material, you will be instructed on how and when to disburse to our suppliers and supply us with monthly print statement of how much was collected and subsequently disbursed. Should your organization be able to provide these services to us, please contact Mr. Jinan Haohua with the details below.

Mr. Jinan Haohua, CEO
/ Owners Jinan Haohua Industry Co.,Ltd,
Address: No.40 huayuan Rd Jinan City, China
Private E-mail:

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