Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Family Law Email Scams

This one is a bit of a problem. Obviously, we want to raise awareness and post these so that when you type in the name, or a portion of the email, you will see "Attorney Email Scams." Here is the rub, the scammer chose the exact same name as an attorney (including middle initial). I don't want to drag her name through the mud. Giving it some thought, I decided to x up the name a bit. Hope that helps and still keeps people aware.

Hi counsel

My name is Jacxxeline X.Millxx. I am contacting your firm in regards to a
divorce settlement with my ex husband (Stephen X. Millxx) who resides in
your jurisdiction. I am currently on assignment in South Korea.

We had an out of court agreement(Collaborative Law Agreement) for him to pay
$848,900.00 plus legal fees.

He has only paid me $64,000.

I am hereby seeking your firm to assist in collecting the balance from

He has agreed already to pay me the balance but it is my belief that
a Law firm like yours is needed to help me collect payment from my
ex-husband or litigate this matter if he fails to pay as promised.

Jacxxeline X.Millxx

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