Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Well, top of the day to you. And the rest of the day to 'ya, laddie. Looking forward to being your number one guy. Feel free to email anytime with your unsolicited phishing scams. They make me feel important and smart. Somewhere. Somehow. I am going to get all these customers that are ripping off you poor, honest and sincere textile/fabric companies.

Top of the day to you Attorney,Our company has decided to contact your Law
firm as regards Litigation and collection issue with some of our indebted
customers within your region.In order to achieve these objectives a good
and reputable Attorney/Law firm will be required to handle this service.
do confirm the receipt of this mail due to the urgency of this matter.If
you are in the position to represent us at the moment kindly advice immediately.

Mr.Chen Yu
General Manager
Voith Fabrics Stubbins Limited

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