Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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Ulf Niclasson
Re: Legal Rep-Update

Our default customer want to make concessions immediately we inform them of our legal intention. they want to beat litigation and ask for an installment payment of $450,000.00 which should be received within 5 business working days . But we are not relenting because they have make such promises in the past. We have reiterated we can only accept their concession if the proposal is made directly to our attorney and in consequence, we have forwarded your information.

Consequently, we are in urgent need of your retainer and how to offset the fee as soon as possible, we count on your understanding, should pause any action at the moment since payment has been issued, have a great day.

Best Regard,
Ulf Niclasson
Alps Nordic AB
Hemvärnsg. 11
SE-171 04 SOLNA
Stockholms län Schweden

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