Saturday, June 8, 2013

Luigi's Lawyer

Re: Legal Representative

Below is the debtor information who has not settle their debt, the size of the debt is $650,000.00USD. We have explored all avenues to resolve this issue amicably, unfortunately we have not progressed as expected, we shall forward you the documentation if you have no conflict.

Debtor Information

(Local Business Placed Here)      

Please forward us engagement letter if you have no conflict and advise us on your retainer fees. Looking forward hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Pablo Franco
De Iaco Luigi Elettronica
Via Mazzini Giuseppe 45- 73024 - Maglie (LE)
Tel: 0836 423038
Fax: 0836 426150
P.IVA 01122820754

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Seina's Lawyer

Ms Seina Bloomberg
RE: Contempt Case.....‏

I appreciate your response to my inquiry The reason I have contacted your law office is that there is already an agreement in place and I am bent on getting what is due for me and my children, I tried calling but its little bit difficult to reach your law office, I will try as much as possible to let you into what transpired between I and my ex-spouse before he relocated to United States. We were divorced in Japan and my ex husband Mr. Lyold Bloomberg now lives in __________ he is a citizen in your country

We both agreed under a separation agreement incorporated, merged into and made part of the court decree for a settlement of child support, spousal support, and medical support of $480,870.00, he has paid me $178,000.00 but still owing $302,870.00 and the stipulated time for completion of payment has long elapsed and i know he has the financial means to pay the balance owed to me.

I request your legal services with regards to compelling him to remit balance owed me. Attached is a copy of the Separation Agreement and the Final Judgment. I will be pleased to provide further information on this case on request and I expect this to be resolved in a timely manner. Furthermore, I seek to retain your firm for this purpose.

Please send me a copy of your retainer agreement and if the terms are acceptable I will sign so we can commence the process without delay,

Thanks you for your cooperation .

Ms Seina.

Address: 936-Nishi-Azabu, Minato, Tokyo, Japan