Saturday, January 12, 2013

Starting to Think You Forgot Me

Welcome back phishermen.

Teigo Osaki
Re: legal matter

Dear sir
We have debt collection matter in your State. We are Telecommunication Equipments Manufacturing Company based in Japan. 
We are looking for a lawyer firm that will represent our company on Debt collection matter.As soon as we get your reply to this mail that you will like to handle this matter on our behalf, we can forward to attention our debtor information for conflict check.

Teigo Osaki

Marketing Manager
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (NTT)
3-1, Otemachi 2-chome
Tokyo 1008116
T: (800) 977 8970
Wbesite :


  1. I got an email from the same person with a little different wording, and I'm a computer programmer! Too funny.

  2. I just got a new one. Here it is. This was for a criminal ad I had.

    We will like to know if you will be available / interested in handling this matter by way of representing our company on litigation matter. So that we can forward to your attention information’s for conflict check.

    Regards Teigo Osaki

  3. I got this one too. The sender actually sent me an invoice and fake correspondence with a target defendant.