Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spam on a Spam Blog

Yeah, it happens. I got multiple blog comment posts for Craig Delsack's website. For more on comment spam and how much the blogging community loves it, you can view this link from Popehat. Below is one of the three emails Craig left for me. I assure you the post, or any of our posts, have anything to do with his comments. 

A few years back I rented my house to a person, unfortunately the deed between us has been misplaced. Then my tenant started try to pretending that he was the real owner of the property, means I had sold out the house not rented it to him. Then my real worry started and I tried to find a loyal and professional layers. During online research regarding this I found the contact corporate lawyer New York , I called them and got solutions in a right way and right time. on Real Estate Transaction

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