Monday, April 18, 2011

Machinery Lawyer

From: James Parker
Subject: Re: Lawsuit!!
Date: April 18, 2011 2:05:20 AM PDT

I represent Premier Textiles Limited. We are based in United Kingdom.

We got your contact information from the online Lawyers Directory as a result of our search for reliable firm to provide legal services as requested.

We request your representation to counsel us in litigation and enable us collect a debt owed to us in the amount of $900,000.00USD by a delinquent seller in your jurisdiction. We are of the opinion that once our presence is established in your state via a legal representative, our seller will have no option but comply with payment request.

We believe that a normal scenario will require a phone call or demand letter from you to our seller if your services is retained. Although we believed that litigation should be applied as a last resort as we intend to preserve the relationship we have with our seller. Though we do hope not to resort to litigation unless all other options are exhausted but we will like the comfort of knowing that the option is available and letting our seller know that litigation may be enforced if the option becomes necessary.

We understand the concept of running a conflict check that is why we are providing our delinquent seller located in your state for your conflict check and to enable you present to us your retainer agreement for your services.

(A local business company name with an address goes here)

We will like to have a telephone conference with you on this issue as to let you know further details of this transaction.

We happened to have place an order for Machinery Equipments worth $1,800,000.00, and they demanded we pay 50 percent of the funds before delivering our products. Payment to the seller was made in August of 2010 and our calculation shows that delivery is about five Months late, for the regular purchase agreement requires seller to effect goods not later than 60 days upon payment or legal action may be enforced if delivery delay exceeds 120 days.

It will be very helpful if we receive your retainer agreement for review. This will enable our board decide on the conditions of the retainer in our next board meeting. Also once we have reviewed your agreement I will forward you supporting documents i.e., proof of payment, sales invoice, Wire transfer document. This will enable your firm start working on this case.

We thank you for your business as we look forward to your prompt response.

James Parker.
Premier Textiles Limited
Green Lane
Green Lane Industrial Estate

K Lawyer

Hello Attorney,
This is a request for your possible represenatation in a breach of contract matter.I'm Hing Yee of UNI IND (HK) LTD. I like to know if your schedule will permit you to handle a case of breach contract between us and a customer in your jurisdiction. If there are processes new clients are meant to go through before a case is accepted please advice, or if you accept case base on referral I would want to know also.
It is important we hear from you as soon as possible so we can decide on what to do. If you have any questions or concern do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Truly,
Mr Hing Yee
Unit 5, 12/F; Blk B,
Lux Theatre Bldg; 2-20 Ming On St; Hung Hom,
852 5808 0109
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Reply Attorney

Dear Counsel,

My name is Zaira Hoshiko. I am contacting your firm for help again because I didn't received your reply, If you are in the position to represent me at the moment in regards to enforcement/collection of divorce settlement or possible litigation with my ex husband Allen Hoshiko who resides in your jurisdiction.

kindly advice immediately.
Your's truly,
Zaira Hoshiko

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hooray! A New Market For Phishermen - Employment Lawyer

Starts out innocent:
Dear Attorney,

This is my second enquiring, Please respond
I am seeking legal representation from your law firm regarding a
breach of Settlement agreement with my former employer due to the
injury I sustained while working for them. I need Proper legal advice
and assistance to know the best way to handle this issue. If this is
your area of practice, please contact me to provide you with further
Lian Chen

My response:
I have absolutely no experience in this practice area. It would be a stone's throw away from malpractice for me to take on a case of this complexity. I wish you the best of luck.

- My Name

Seems like that response would put someone off, right?

Dear Sucker

Thanks for your prompt response. First I must thank you for picking up the consideration to represent me; My name is Mr. Lian Chen I am a Chinese American l lived in USA for 26 years, I’m contacting you regarding my injury compensation with the company I was working for in WA USA (GLOBAL EQUIPMENTS LTD.). I worked with this company for Nine years as an equipment operator. On 13th February 2010, l had an accident in the company yard when l was operating the crane equipment that finally leads to my disability as present. I then decided to relocate to my country for proper bone treatment July 7, 2010.

We had an out of insurance settlement that he will pay me the sum of $298,750.00 for my disability by the end of the year (December, 2010) but till this minute I am writing this mail to you, I have not received any money for my compensation as agreed. it is my belief that a Law firm like yours is needed to help me make collection or litigate the matter if he fails to pay as agreed. Attached herewith is the agreement that was duly signed by both of during inception of our transaction and copy of my passport as a proof of identification.

I do understand that a proper Attorney client agreement must be entered into by both parties which will demand a retainer fees, but l will prefer you to work on contigency bases on funds collected from my former company due to my present situation. I expect you to draw up an agreement to this effect if it is acceptable with you.
Your consideration of my request is highly anticipated, and I look forward to your prompt response.

I get emails asking me how I am so sure that these are email scams. It is not that hard when you have seen enough of them. You start to catch the spots where they have cut-and-paste. For example, in the email above, take the following sentence and paste it into google:
"it is my belief that a Law firm like yours is needed to help me make collection or litigate the matter if he fails to pay as agreed."

See? Not that hard. What phisherman lack is even a remote sense of imagination. They have been working this hustle for four years now with only slight variations.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Back and Forth

Dear Your Law Firm Name Here

Thank you for your swift response. I tried calling a couple of times and with the time difference it is a little bit difficult to get to you. My ex husband Simeon Nagasaki lives in your jurisdiction while I am presently living in South Korea. We agreed under this Settlement Agreement attached to this mail for a one time cash settlement of $950,500.00 usd to his credit, he has paid me$251,500.00 usd but still owing $699,000.00 usd. He is aware of my intention to seek legal actions. I will be pleased to provide further information on this matter on request.

I have already advised him I am planning on retaining your firm. Send me a copy of your retainer agreement so I can go through the terms and conditions of your firm, Also let me know how much it will cost me for your services and the mode of remittance. Thank you and awaits your soonest response.


Lauren Nagasaki

Address: Sangsu-dong 394-10 Hoseong
Building 3G9 Mapo-Gu, Seoul South Korea
0082-31-656 7883