Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cable Lawyer

From: Dumei Cable Co. Ltd
Subject: Re: Legal services
Date: October 27, 2010 8:31:02 PM PDT

I hope all is well with you and your firm or are you people too busy to respond to
our inquiry?. I am sending this mail as a reminder to my last mail about legal
representation in your state which we yet to get response from anyone from your
Please we would appreciate if anyone can get back to me on this issue as soon
as possible to enable us know if your firm is ready to work with our company
for this collection matters in your state as time is of great importance to us in
pursuing this legal matters.

Yours truly,
Xing Ping
Chairman & CEO
Zhejiang Dumei Cable Co.,Ltd
Linglong Industrial Convergency
District, Linan, Zhejiang ,China
Post Code: 311301
Tel: (86) 0571-63762788
Fax: (86) 0571-63763778


  1. I received it in Wilmington, Delaware. I have cautiously followed up. I note that the URL does not work and is not the same as what one gets by googling. Do you have any additional information confirming this is spam?

  2. And then the followup email to Delaware:

    Good day to you and thank you very much for your prompt response.
    We appreciate your time in reviewing our request and we will do everything
    possible to ensure a smooth and hitch free business relationship. We are
    ready to work with your firm to achieve our goal as the importance of your
    services cannot be over emphasized. We understand the importance of
    retaining your services and we will retain your firm accordingly.
    We will provide you all necessary documentation and we will not relent in
    providing information as they deem necessary.

    There have been cases in the past of clients with delinquent payments and
    we were incapacitated due to international legal boundaries to exert pressure
    on such clients or commence litigation in such cases. This normally results
    in very late payments from customers.

    We are of the opinion that once our presence is established in your country
    via a legal representative, our customers will have no option but comply with
    payment deadlines to avoid legal action and litigation. We believe that a
    normal scenario will require a phone call or fax from you to our delinquent

    We believe that litigation should be applied as a last resort as we intend
    to retain our relationship with our customers after payments are made. We
    do not intend to resort to litigation unless all other options are exhausted,
    but we will like the comfort of knowing that the option is available and letting
    our customers know that litigation may be enforced if the option becomes

    We understand the concept of running a conflict check that is why we have
    decided that all cases be treated on a case by case bases and all delinquent
    accounts dealt within isolation. Based on this perspective, we are letting you
    know that nine of our delinquent customers are in your state and they are all
    individual own small businesses.

    Find below a list of our customers that we have compiled for your conflict

    [Existing Delaware business with correct address]

    [Existing Delaware business with correct address]

    If no conflict, please present to us your retainer agreement for your services.
    On the average delinquent account is estimated at $450,000.00 (Four Hundred
    and Fifty Thousand Dollars ). and we have about nine delinquent customers in
    your state right now. Due to the fact that litigation might not be necessary, we
    assume that these cases are within your jurisdiction and regional boundaries
    will not be an issue for you.

    Upon receipt of your attorney/client fee agreement letter, we will have all list
    of delinquent accounts available for your review on a case by case basis.

    We thank you for your business as we look forward to your prompt response.

    Yours truly,
    Xing Ping
    Chairman & CEO
    Zhejiang Dumei Cable Co.,Ltd
    Linglong Industrial Convergency
    District, Linan, Zhejiang ,China
    Post Code: 311301
    Tel: (86) 0571-63762788
    Fax: (86) 0571-63763778

  3. I received a variation of this request, purportedly from Yeong Chwen Industries. Sent bcc: and with a return email address at gmail, not their company domain.

  4. My firm also received the variation supposedly from Yeong Chwen Industries, also with a gmail address.

  5. I received the following e-mail concerning Yeong Chwen on 4-5-2011:


    We are still looking forward to your response; on the attached legal representation inquiry that we sent earlier to your Law firm.


    Reynold C. M. Wu

    40. Lane 76. Sec. 3.
    Chung Yang Road.
    Tucheng. Taipei Hsien.
    Tel : 886-2-2267-0523
    Fax : 886-2-2267-0528

    This has 3 indicia of a scam: (1) I represent a number of Chinese and Taiwanese companies and no legitimate Chinese company will solicit legal representation from a stranger - they always get a referral and refer to your name, rather than the highly disrepectful generic "Attorney" greeting; (2) the reference to a prior attempted contact is a common ploy, apparently intended to prompt a knee-jerk quick response, and (3) the attached PDF refers to collection work, which is the typical set up for the bogus settlement check scam. I am treating it as a scam.

    Jon Parsons
    Palo Alto, CA

  6. The following is what I got.
    I hope that this helps others as other attorney's comments have helped me. I always google the compnay and look for similar comments pertaining to fraud.
    Los Angeles

    We would like to inquire if your Law firm is in the position to representus in the U.S.A; to recover money owed to us by our delinquent customers?
    After a careful research, we have been able to establish that delinquent or past due accounts are settled when a reputable Law firm, represent an organization in collections or possible litigation. We are can say this authoritatively; because we have tried it in Europe and our delinquent account have been reduced to a significant extent.
    Attorney kindly advise us, your law firm can represent us or not in the services that we seek; so we can provide us with more information for the review of your law firm.
    An urgent attention to our inquiry will be appreciated.
    Reynold C. M. W" President
    40. Lane 76. Sec. 3. Chung Yang Road. Tucheng. Taipei Hsien. Taiwan Tel: 886-2-2267-0523 Fax: 886-2-2267-0528 Web:

  7. These are all scams. I am on my way to becomming a millionaire, having collected more than $850,000 in phony cashier's checks from my alleged clients' debtors, the latest of whch was on behalf of Mr. Wu. Of course I NEVER deposit them. To string them along for awhile I them I didn't receive the first check they send me. After awhile I tell them I have been contacted by law enforcement who wants to speak to them about the fraud. That scares them off.