Thursday, February 11, 2010

MFC Attorney

From: Mfc Imports & Export
Subject: Legal Assistance
Date: February 10, 2010 2:56:49 PM PST

Attention Counsel,

I have previously sent you an email;

Please confirm the receipt of this mail due to the urgency of this matter.If
you are not in position to represent us at the moment kindly advice
immediately.After a careful review,we decided to contact you to represent our
company in North America and other parts of the United States.Shanghai MFC
Import and Export Company is a manufacturing company with its head office in
China,and branches all over Asia continent and Europe.

We got your contact details from your local States chamber of commerce.The
management of MFC Import and Export Company requires your legal
representation for our North American delinquent Customers. We are of the
opinion that a reputable attorney is required to represent us in North
America in order for us to recover monies due to our organization by overseas
customers, and as well follow up with these accounts. In order to achieve
these objectives a good and reputable law firm like yours will be required to
handle this service. We understand that a proper Attorney Client agreement
must be entered into by both parties.

This will be done immediately we receive your letter of Acceptance.Attorney,
you can advise us what is required to draw a proper letter of engagement that
will be review by our board.We are most inclined to commence talks with you
as soon as possible. We shall bring you into a detailed picture of what your
responsibility is,when we receive your response.Your consideration of our
request is highly anticipated,and we look forward to your prompt response to
this request. Please contact me via Direct email:

Your questions regarding this Proposal is welcome.Once more thank you for
taking time from your busy Schedule to read this mail.

Yours truly,

Mr. Chris Turner
Sales Manager


  1. Received this same e-mail at 8:45 Mountain Time this morning (2/11/10). Suspecting the retainer check scam, we responded that they should call us...just for fun. "Chris Turner" responds with "Thank you very much for your interest in our case. I shall telephone you later today." "Chris Turner" later emails again, adding a description of the company's supposed business interests: manufacturing kitchen cabinets and toner cartridges. Way to diversify, Chris. "Chris" has not called, but we look forward to wasting 0.3 hours on this as a diversion from the grind.

  2. I have toyed with the idea of calling and seeing how far down the road they will go. I looked into it a bit. Turns out, there is a website dedicated to the whole process. They seem to enjoy themselves. Check it out:

  3., the sister site of has been warning people about this scam. We have information on these types of scams here: and here:

    Please do feel free to contribute to help spread the word!