Monday, August 31, 2009


Dear Sir/Madam 2009-8-28

We are a internet service (software development, website design and development, wifi network works to promote the protection of brands, search engine optimization, etc.) company in China,

Several days ago we received a formal application submited by Robert Jiang who wanted to use the keyword "your website name here" to register the Internet Brand and with

suffix .cn / / .asia/ domain names.

After our initial checking through Internet , we found that the keyword "your website name here" to be applied for registration is same as your keyword.Accordingly,before we finish his registration,we would like to get your final decision about this,whether you mind his registration,if you believe his registration would affect your bussiness and produce conflict,then we could give your priority to register them,as the keyword is first used by your company.However,if you do not think so,please advise of that and then we will finish his registration.

For proceeding the next step, Please contact us by Fax ,Telephone or Email as soon as possible. Under the circumstance of no your reply during the next 5 working days ,we will consider you to give it up and finish his registration.

Yours sincerely


Checking Department
Tel: 86 513 85330968
Fax: 86 513 80260106
Mail No.:1990319

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  1. Robert Jiang wanted to register my domain too :-)